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Monday, January 27, 2014

Supporting Newcomer Youth with Conversation

By a newcomer youth in the Conversation Club Program at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel

As a youth and student, I have been able to learn a variety of different things from many different people. The fact that we live in a very diverse society today, it is important that we learn a little form every culture. Being new to Canada, it may be a little difficult to cope with the style of living and, in most cases, the education system; however, when clubs like ‘The Conversation Club” are created to support the youth, it becomes much easier.

As a member of this club, I have grown to appreciate many different people from many different cultures. The Conversation Club, which is held Monday afternoons, allows youths to become more open-minded about different situations and teaches them to react accordingly. It has been a very exciting experience for me, simply because I get to be the person I am. It feels less awkward to step into a room of ten people, whom you are familiar with, rather than stepping into a building of thirteen thousand total strangers.

At the Conversation Club, I am allowed to express myself and feel comfortable amongst my colleagues and get help on any issue of which I am unsure. I have learned a lot from the mentors who are always willingly to assist in any possible way. It has been great fun being a member of this club and I have been able to address the public with more confidence. I have been able to develop the common love for my fellow club members and the necessary respect for the mentors and volunteers.

I can safely say, “The Conversation Club” has done a great job in making me feel comfortable in my own skin."

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